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Carburizing Heat Treatment

Carburizing Technology

Carburizing refers to a form of heat treatment where steel undergoes quenching after carbon is introduced to the surface. This application of carbon significantly improves the abrasion resistance, durability and toughness of the steel part.
Carburized quenching once involved solid and liquid carburizing, but today the primary method is gas carburizing. Applied technologies such as vacuum carburizing and plasma carburizing have also been developed, as the technology continues to evolve today.
This marked improvement in abrasion resistance, durability and toughness means that this treated steel can be used in a wide range of components, such as gears, shafts and sleeves, in the automotive, industrial tool and construction equipment sectors. In this sense, carburizing represents a material heat treatment technology that supports the development of industry.

The ONEX Advantage

Approaching its 60th anniversary, ONEX has strived to raise the bar for carburizing technologies since its founding. Our proprietary software used to set up the carburized quenching process has enabled us to establish some of the most precise treatment technologies in the industry. Over the years, our accumulated expertise has also been passed down to the future generation of engineers working at ONEX.
Today, we maintain more than 60 batch-type and pit-type furnace units across our four factories in Japan, which positions us to provide a broad range of carburizing treatments for our customers. Moreover, in order to meet demand for low-cost, low-strain components, we leverage our proprietary expertise to provide customers with solutions for materials selection as well as pretreatment methods, under a commitment to design the best possible carburizing heat treatment processes.

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