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Management Philosophy

Company Creed

The ONEX Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

The ONEX Group is fully committed to corporate development through the execution of sound business activities and applying its products and technologies for the benefit of society. To this end, the ONEX Group strives to enhance its corporate value by complying with relevant laws and ordinances, fulfilling its responsibility as a good corporate citizen with good social sense and earning the trust of its stakeholders including clients, shareholders, investors, business partners, local communities and employees.

Legal Compliance
The ONEX Group complies with laws, ordinances and rules, as well as undertakes fair and highly transparent corporate activities closely in tune with social norms and corporate ethics.
Customer Satisfaction
The ONEX Group develops and provides, with due consideration to safety, products and services that are reliable and beneficial to society, as well as seeks to gain the trust and rapport of its customers and apply both intangible and tangible benefits to society.
Information Dissemination
The ONEX Group continually seeks to enhance the transparency of its corporate activities by disseminating accurate and sufficient corporate information to society in easy-to-understand formats and in a timely as well as appropriate manner.
Conservation of the Earth's Environment
The ONEX Group contributes to reducing its burden on the Earth's environment as well as to the development of a sustainable society.
Harmony with Local Communities
The ONEX Group undertakes corporate activities that respect as well as contribute to the development of the culture and customs of all countries and regions.
Respect for Human Rights
The ONEX Group respects human rights in all facets of its corporate activities and never engages in unreasonable discrimination.
Elimination of Anti-social Forces
The ONEX Group resolutely opposes organizations and anti-social forces that threaten the safety and order of civil society.
Respect for Employees
The ONEX Group respects the diversity of each of its employees, and strives to realize safe and comfortable work environments where employees and their abilities can thrive.

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