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Corporate governance

ONEX's fundamental approach to corporate governance

Overview of the corporate governance structure and reasons for its adoption

ONEX Corporation recognizes that strengthening corporate governance is among the most important responsibilities of management, given its importance for raising corporate value, maintaining compliance, and ensuring respect for the interests of the Company's diverse stakeholders, who include shareholders, customers, and employees. Accordingly, ONEX holds management meetings to support the Board of Directors and its function as a decision-making body, and has adopted an executive officer system to ensure the prompt execution of operations. The Company has also established a Board of Corporate Auditors, which oversees the performance of duties by directors, and has its members attend meetings of the Board of Directors and other management meetings to participate in deliberations on important matters.

The current organizational structure was adopted because it offers the following advantages:

  • Promotes sound and transparent management
  • Facilitates timely decision-making and business execution
  • Clarifies accountability
  • Ensures prompt and appropriate information disclosure

As a matter of policy, ONEX examines the suitability of its organizational structure in response to changes in its operating environment, such as shifting societal trends and revisions to laws and regulations, and makes organizational changes as necessary to enhance corporate governance.

Corporate governance structure

Corporate governance structure

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