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Company History

May 1950 Daido Heat Treating Company is founded at 359 Yukigaya, Ota Ward, Tokyo.
August 1951 Ohya Heat Treating Company is established.
March 1952 Receives designation from the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry as a certified factory for calibration tools.
April 1953 High frequency hardening division commences operations.
March 1954 Relocates offices and facilities to 2-18-12 Nakaikegami, Ota Ward, Tokyo.
December 1958 Launches shift of carburized quenching method from the solid carburizing to the gas carburizing method (fully completed in October 1965).
April 1961 Receives a research grant from the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry to conduct a study on high temperature gas carburizing, and presents its findings on March 20, 1962.
June 1967 Acquires site for a plant in the Nairiku Industrial Park located in Kanagawa Prefecture.
April 1968 Atsugi Plant commences operations.
May 1969 Acquires site for a plant in Kitasaitama County, Saitama Prefecture.
September 1969 Kisai Plant commences operations.
April 1971 Launches technology development activities after establishing a research laboratory staffed with full-time researchers.
April 1971 Establishes research laboratory for the research and development of metal heat treatment technologies (currently, Research Institute of Technology).
January 1972 Establishes Ohya Transportation Company (currently, ONEX Line Corporation)
March 1973 Relocates head office to 2-14-5 Nakaikegami, Ota Ward, Tokyo.
December 1973 Acquires site for a plant in Sanyo Town, Asa County, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
September 1974 Establishes Light Alloy Department in the Atsugi Plant and commences heat treatment of non-ferrous metals.
January 1975 Makes capital investment in the Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
April 1975 Changes research laboratory into research institute.
September 1976 Yamaguchi Plant commences operations.
October 1976 Relocates head office to 3012-3 Uenohara Kamiechi, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
June 1978 Establishes Ohya Engineering Company (currently, ONEX Engineering Corporation)
December 1978 Acquires site for a plant in the Higashi Matsuyama Industrial Park located in Saitama Prefecture.
July 1980 Higashi Matsuyama Plant commences operations.
October 1984 Spins off the Yamaguchi Plant and establishes new company Sanyho Ohya Heat Treating Company (currently, Yamaguchi Plant, ONEX Corporation).
December 1985 Head Office Plant approved as Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) designated factory.
January 1986 Installs and commences operations of the ONEX Fine Coating Machine at the Head Office Plant.
January 1986 Acquires site for a plant in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.
December 1986 Higashi Matsuyama Plant approved as a Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) Mark Certified Factory under the Old JIS Mark Certification Scheme.
November 1987 Makes capital investment in Shinano Metallurgy Company and changes its name to Nagano Oyhya Heat Treating Company (name changed shortly thereafter to ONEX Nagano Company ).
August 1989 Relocates and integrates all equipment and facilities from the Kisai Plant to the Higashi Matsuyama Plant.
July 1991 Changes name from Oya Netsushori Co., Ltd. to ONEX Corporation in order to unify its brand identity across its entire group of companies.
October 1991 Relocates ONEX Nagano Co., Ltd. (currently, Nagano Plant) to the Shioda Industrial Park located in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture.
June 1992 Increases capital through allocation of new shares to a third party at market price.
May 1994 Establishes and commences operations on the bright division in the No. 2 Plant.
February 1997 The Company's shares are listed on the OTC market.
October 1998 ONEX Yamaguchi Company (currently, Yamaguchi Plant) receives ISO 9002 certification.
March 2000 Dissolves ONEX Nagano Company, making it the Nagano Plant.
August 2000 Higashi Matsuyama Plant receives ISO 9002 certification
December 2000 Atsugi Plant receives ISO 9002 certification.
May 2002 Head Office Plant and No. 2 Plant merge to become part of the Atsugi Plant.
January 2004 Merges through absorption with ONEX Yamaguchi Co., Ltd., making it the Yamaguchi Plant.
April 2005 Atsugi Plant receives ISO 14001 certification.
September 2005 Higashi Matsuyama Plant receives ISO 14001 certification.
April 2006 Nagano Plant receives ISO 9001 certification.
July 2006 Acquires site for a plant within the Shin-Yamanoi Industrial Park located in Sanyo-Onoda City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
February 2007 Yamaguchi No. 2 Plant commences operations.
April 2010 Lists its shares on the JASDAQ Market of the Osaka Securities Exchange after the JASDAQ Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange merge.
July 2013 Lists its shares on the JASDAQ Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange after the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange merge.
December 2013 Acquires ISO/TS16949 certification from Bureau Veritas Quality International for its quality management system for automotive components at the Atsugi Plant and Higashi Matsuyama Plant.
May 2014 Establishes ONEX Tech Center Corporation.
September 2015 The Vacuum Division in Atsugi Plant receives JIS Q 9100:2009 certification from BUREAU VERITAS (BVQI)
December 2015 ONEX Tech Center Corporation Mie Plant commences operation
December 2015 ONEX Mie Office opens
March 2016 ONEX Line Corporation Mie Office opens

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